Auction & Estate Sale Finds!

So maybe I’ve been going overboard with my online shopping… but this is my new guilt-free way to shop for house stuff: estate sale auctions! It’s basically like shopping at a thrift store, but online. I discovered this treasure trove when my favorite vintage store was moving and selling a ton of inventory, and now I’m on a first-name basis with the guys that run the website, ha!

I’ve been able to snag a ton of items for dirt cheap that I would have been spending my money on anyways. Every auction has different stuff, but you can find anything from clothes and decorations to furniture and tools.

How it works is you go through pages of the online catalog, and place your bids. Every auction has a set closing date to get your bids in by. I’ve gotten into a couple of intense bidding wars on here let me tell you! Then a couple of days later, you go pick up your winnings.

Here’s what I found:

Kitchen Stuff

I got a really pretty set of plates, my clumsiness had me down to just a few plates left, so these were much needed!

fine china antique floral plates

I found this set of vintage kitchen utensils for $3 and it came with this container too (plus another full container). And yes, all of them were clean and are good as new. I made the shelf too!

vintage canister of kitchen utensils, whisks

I have yet to pick up a few things- a set of flatware for $10, some small vintage bowls for $2, and a set of pans with lids for $12.

used non-stick pans with red handle in great condition
vintage bowls, blue and white, university of michigan go blue


I’m stoked about how much furniture I’ve been able to find! Lord knows I need furniture right now.

Found this file cabinet for $2!

thrifted file cabinet

This small table/cart and the stool were $2 each! I took the wheels off the table and I’m using it as a meditation table.

great dane3 dog laying on fur rug in home meditation yoga studio

This 1940’s wood chair was a little bit “pricey” at $15, but after replacing the fabric it’ll be gorgeous! And the striped one wouldn’t fit in my car so unfortunately I had to abandon it. It was only $5.

1940's carved wooden armchair vintage thrifted
vintage striped armchair thrift


I found a ton of super cool vintage lights!

Look at this beauty! I paid a little more for this one $48, but it’s worth alot more, and I really wanted it 🙂

white galley kitchen with a retro smoked glass globe pendant light 70's style vintage
she was a bitch to install, you should have seeeeeen me.

Also got 3 vintage stained glass pendant lights. My grandma has a few of these! So Nostalgic. I’ve been looking for one for a long time and ended up finding 3! One of my friends told me I’m good at manifesting. Plus a huge lot of random vintage lights.

vintage stained glass pendant
thrift store vintage stained glass pendant
vintage glass bronze pendant light

Ha, anyone need some light fixtures? I’m basically a collector now.

I bought these antique books for $5 to use as decor (can’t read)… and it came with a few surprises in the box!

paper heads of abraham lincoln and george washington
hmmm what to do with these fellas
vintage photo man in hula skirt
you better beleive this hunk is going on the wall
love's roundelay vintage sheet of music
there was a whole book of these, i might frame this one!

This kid-size chair, I painted it white and I’m using it as a plant stand.

upcycled thrift store chair makeover painted white and used as a plant stand

A planter:

thrifted decorative planter

This cool whiskey bottle for $4.

vintage mccallums whisky bottle
oops, impulse buy

Some art!

who let her pose like that??
vintage house rules plaquard

Random Other Stuff

POWER TOOLS! We’re cooking with gas now! I got all this for $12!

A bunch of extension cords for $3.

Iron for $5. I accidentally bid on 2 of these, oops, one for each hand?


This rechargeable vanity mirror, never opened!

rechargeable vanity light led
how creepy is that "door" to the crawlspace?

I found these beautiful vintage jewelry boxes, all of them for $7! I kept the big one as-is, and the smaller two got makeovers (post here).

thrift store vintage antique wooden jewelry boxes
vintage antique thrifted wooden jewelry boxes makeover

I got this 100″ projector screen for $26 (ask me how I fit it in my Fusion), and got a projector on Amazon for about $200, way cheaper than a 100″ tv and it’ll be perfect in my basement!

100 inch projector screen
it's way bigger in person-like 10 ft
assorted gemstones
damn that's red
can you spot the flashlight?

Lastly, a random collection of gemstones for $3.

And some bathroom stuff for $7-I know this sounds gross but almost all of them were unopened. I ended up throwing some of the stuff away (the T-Gel looked sketchy), and was still left with way more than $7 worth of stuff!

And that’s only the stuff worth photographing! There’s more decorations, cleaning supplies, curtains, baskets, and more. This place has basically been my Amazon these days. 

This is probably just my first of many auction round-up posts, because honestly everyone should be shopping these.

If you’re in Michigan, check out Estate Sale Experts! If not, do a google search for something similar near you, thank me later!

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