Bathroom and Linen Closet-Storage and Organization Tips

With big closets come big junk, they say. Or maybe that’s just me. But gee whiz look at this before and after of my linen closet!

before and after cleaning and organizing bathroom linen closets

Granted, the “before” wasn’t long after I moved in and things didn’t really have a spot yet, but this is the natural state of my life before getting my shit together anyways.

And how do I have so much junk in my trunk? Where did it come from?? Why do I need 12 different sheet sets for one bed? I mean it’s literally piled 8 feet high here. I managed to fill 2 walk-in bedroom closets, 2 big hallway closets, 2 normal sized bedroom closets, and a pantry. And the creepy Harry Potter closet under my basement stairs. Literally how.

messy linen closet before organizing
yes, that is a cat pillow found at a thrift store. envy me

My bathroom is so tiny and has pretty much no storage besides the medicine cabinet, so I need the linen closet for stuff I use almost every day. I just feel like if there’s room for a laundry chute, there’s room for some shelves?? But mayhaps the 1950’s were simpler times.

Guess what’s right on the other side of the laundry chute? Yup, the linen closet, they could have just put the door on the other side. We gotta put our brains together. 

You should see me hop out of the shower and run into the hall at light speed when I realize I don’t have a towel within reach 🙂

laundry chute in a midcentury home pink vintage tile bathroom walls

But back to the closet… I had to scrub and repaint some of the shelves of the closet because they were gross! Looking much better now.

dirty linen closet shelves
y'all are nasty!!
linen closet cleaning and organization with lazy susan

I put the bathroom stuff I use most, like lotion, mouthwash, Just for Men (for my EYEBROWS!) on this lazy Susan (another $2 auction find), and I’m wondering why I’m just now jumping on the lazy Susan train? More importantly, why aren’t they called lazy susies? These things are sweet. This is basically the exact same one from Amazon, plus a few cuter ones:

clean and organized bathroom storage linen closet

The top shelf is where the actual linen comes in. This is where shit gets real. The stacks go all the way up! I folded fitted sheets until I cried alone on the cold, hard, orange tile floor.

I don’t really use that many products, so I threw the rest of my bathroom junk in the gray plastic baskets so they’re out of sight. Towels allowed to touch my bare body are front and center, and less nice towels (dog) are on the bottom in baskets.

bathrom storage linen closet and toilet paper organization with baskets for cleaning rags and towels

The bathroom didn’t need a major overhaul like the closet, but here’s a few quick tips anyways.

My favorite storage hack is ANYTHING can be used for storage if you just -~*believe*~-. For example I keep my toothbrush and toothpaste in this mug (below).

I use baby candle holders from an auction for the smaller bathroom things like q-tips, bobby pins, and chapstick. The sweet little seashell to collects the smaller things like earrings and rings and more bobby pins (they’re everywhere, I know you feel me).

And I use the vintage tea tin for cotton balls (and how cute is it).

bathroom storage and organization using mug as toothbrush holder
bathroom organization and storage using candle holders for small things
vintage tea tin used as creative bathroom cotton ball storage and organization

And that’s about it for now! I’m no Marie Kondo but I’m planning on making a post with some more organization tips soon, I know all 3 of you will be on the edge of your seats until I deliver so stay tuned.

Next up will be either the other hallway closet, or the pantry, and I promise you, there will be more lazy susies. Wish me luck!

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