Cleaning the Kitchen Cabinets- Including the Top!

This is just a quick post about something I need to get off my chest. It’s been keeping me up at night.

When I moved in, my first priority was scrubbing the kitchen HARD. I scrubbed the cabinet doors, shelves, insides of doors, everything! There were little splashes of oil (or something) on every damn surface, and it had that stinky cabinet smell.

white modern cabinet doors with brushed silver rectangular handes
after cleaning. the before was rated X

But holy crap I was not expecting to stick my hand in a thick layer of oily gunk on the top of a cabinet door (the part my short self usually can’t reach). It was literally orangey-brown and THICK. So gross. I hate to be a downer, but it’s probably on the top of your cabinets too, so listen up.

white galley kitchen
do you see how the wall above the cabinets is darker?? that's the reflection of the gunk!

I could have just left it and pretended it wasn’t there, but I couldn’t unsee it. You know how once you figure something out it permeates all your senses? Yeah. I could all of a sudden smell it, feel it clogging my pores, I had x-ray vision and could see it through the insides of the cabinets. I had traumatic flashbacks of sticking my hand in the goop.

clean tops of kitchen cabinets
i actually thought these were raw wood before I cleaned them, surprise, they're white!

I really didn’t wanna, but I put on my big girl pants and got to work. I didn’t even take a before picture because I would have felt dirty sharing it. This stuff wasn’t coming off AT ALL with normal cleaner, so I tried my holy grail, vinegar, and even that didn’t work.

What finally worked was Goo Gone. Imagine that. I sprayed it on, left it for a bit while I gave myself a pep talk in the mirror, and then scraped it off with a putty knife. The gunk was coming off so aggressively, I’m talking actual clumps building up on the putty knife.

goo gone to get out sticky residue

Once the thick stuff was off, I followed it up with Fabuloso and a Magic Eraser.

fabuloso cleaner and magic eraser to clean tops of cabinets
the A-team

I had to repeat the process on the undersides too, but they weren’t nearly as neglected. But now, we’re squeaky clean! I can sleep at night! If you’re feeling wild, you better clean the tops of your grimy cabinets too, and don’t forget to listen to my housework playlist while you do!

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