DIY Easy Shelf for the Kitchen

diy wood board shelf for kitchen

Yes, I use shelves as a table and random boards as shelves. I’m outta control. You know when I needed something to fill the awkward white space above the stove, I raided my random board closet first. I found one that fit and made it into a super easy shelf that looks cute and adds more kitchen storage!

filling awkward open empty space above stove with an easy diy shelf

All I did was sanded, painted, and stuck some cheap brackets on the board. I used this green color, which is the same paint I’m using for a big project in the basement.

diy easy kitchen shelf board and brackets

I followed it up with a chalk paint spray topcoat so that it will hold up better in the kitchen, and so far so good! It’s pretty much water repellant. I used the same topcoat on a jewelry box I fixed up and it came out amazing there too, see the post here!

diy shelf with vintage kitchen decorations decor
got all this at an auction!
diy kitchen shelf to fill open space above stove
she's like a Where's Waldo type of character


There’s also no countertop on this side of the kitchen, so now I’ve got some extra surface space and some COLOR!

Next kitchen project will be figuring out what to do with this plain white wall. Too small for art, but too white to do nothing.

white empty wall in galley kitchen
please excuse my mess

It’s blinding. Maybe an accent wall? Figure out art that works? Ideas welcome!

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