Thrift Store Framing and Art Finds

planning gallery wall with thrift store frames

I have a personal rule that I NEVER buy brand new frames for my art and photos. First of all, they’re way more expensive than they need to be ($40 for 4 boards stuck together with a piece of glass, come on), and there is pretty much an endless supply of frames at Salvation Army!

salvation army thrift store frames
the most organized I've ever seen it!
salvation army thrift store frames

Sometimes they need a coat of paint, but they’re usually not more than $2-3 a piece so it’s well worth it!

mantel with thrift store framed art
this one was already pink!
blue michigan watercolor wall art
this art was a greeting card from Mexico!
vintage wood picture frame thrift store

I typically have more art on-hand than frames because I have issues, so I figure out what size frames I need, and take a tape measure to the store with me. I look for frames that are in decent shape and try not to worry about the color. Sometimes I’ll even buy a frame just for the matte inside, because I like options.

Then at home I play musical frames until everything fits and complements the art. I make sure to clean the whole frame and both sides of the glass with vinegar. You cant usually tell, but trust me these things are filthy.

planning gallery wall with thrift store frames
planning gallery wall with thrift store frames
masterpiece in progress

Most of the art is hideous, but there are some decent finds, like this landscape scene. I wasn’t feeling the color of the frame so I’ll either paint it or put something else in it.

The lion came in a frame I wanted to use for something else. I wasn’t planning on keeping the art but he grew on me!

vintage thrift store mountain landscape art painting
vintage thrift store lion art

I love the look of the random frames together! These are all Salvo frames and about half of it is Salvo art too!

planning gallery wall with vintage thrift store art frames

My favorite part is that there will ALWAYS be different frames in stock to pick from. So if I don’t find what Im looking for right away I just come back and check again in a week or so! Some of the art above is already up in my living room, stay tuned!

blue great dane dog

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