The Living Room – Mood Board Monday

Happy Earth Day friends! I’m here to tell you that this post has nothing to do with the earth, just my living room, but does in fact happen to be on earth. It’s the first room you enter into, and where I’ve been posted up since moving in, at least till the other rooms are livable.

We’ve got alot to fit in this small room! My front door opens right into the living room, with the kitchen off to the right, and a hallway straight ahead. The living room has to function as a living room, foyer, and an eating space all at once. Click here to see more of the empty room as a starting point!

small empty living room in a bungalow house

I don’t really have room for a tv, so it’ll just be a sitting space. So far I kind of like it, because I’m not compulsively turning on the tv when it doesn’t need to be on. No more coming home and melting into a mash potato.

I’ve already made some progress but I’ve got a long way to go. Here’s what’s in my brain.


I’m aiming for the living room to be a good mix of colors, textures, and patterns, but I don’t want to go overboard with it. See my whole house mood board so you can visualize it with me. Come on keep up.

red couch velvet in a simple bright living room open concept
I love everything about this room!! click for source

I LOVE this room too (below)! It has lots of texture, with the velvet, leather, natural wood, and metallic, and it’s balanced out with some more subtle touches like the vases and mirror. Italian hand kiss*. It’s also on point with the color scheme I’m aiming for.

dark walls living room masculine energy, simple style
click for source

This one is nice and bright with the white walls!

bright living room simple small home white walls
click for source

I like how they managed to match the green couch with some red pillows, and the gallery wall is epic. And I love the simple, earthy decor in both of these!

click for source
vintage simple decor plants and art on a vintage console
click for source

Colors and Decor

As far as the color scheme, the walls are white, so I have some flexibility with the decor. Alot of the finishes I already have, like chair legs, lamp, etc. are black so I’m working with that too. I originally wanted a camel leather sofa with a velvet green or blue accent chair, but I ended up with the exact opposite, which is equally sexy!

green velvet sofa midcentury and midcentury modern style camel caramel leather accent chair
both from Overstock

There will definitely be some animals in here somewhere.

animal themed pillows mix and match
black and white faux cow hide rug black accent gallery wall
click for source
great dane dog blue inside a new small house
great dane dog blue on couch on pillows

a wild Blue in her natural habitat

My couch came with 2 matching pillows, but that’s too monochrome for me so I put one on my bed and the other one in the sunroom. I’ve been playing with some different combos of pillows, art, and decor, even though I’ll probably be playing musical decorations for like a year. Here’s a pillow combo I like:

mix and match throw pillows combo mixing patterns

I love natural textures so I would like to have some type of stone, maybe the coffee table?

marble unique coffee table
LOVE. IT. (it's not actually a coffee table but I wish it were)

My friend Hope told me my style is “Western 50’s,” and I dig it, just hoping it doesn’t turn out like this!

vintage 1950s western modern interior household nostalgic

I’ll post a progress update soon 🙂

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