Hiding the Router and Cords Out of Sight

clean white cords organized against trim

I know alot of people have the same pet peeve as me, you can’t stand having boxes and tangly cords all over the place! I would hide the telephone poles outside if I could. Speaking of telephone poles, when Spectrum came to install my wifi, they only ran the cable to the least practical spot in my house, right in my studio. Thanks Spectrum!

I wanted the studio to be a calming and zen space free of EMFs, but hey, life’s just not fair.

Plus this router and modem are so lightweight, and the cables are stiff, so they were pretty much just laying on the floor like they gave up. The cable ran through one wall, and the nearest outlet (this room only has 2!) is on a different wall. My options were limited because they’re stuck between these 2 walls, and they look like trash!

This is literally how they were all the time.

messy cables and cords for wifi boxes
messy clunky cords for wifi

Here’s what I came up with: I hid the equipment in a storage basket and tucked it under my meditation table. I had to really cram them in there and make sure the cords weren’t pulling out of the router. I kept the basket closest to the cable that runs through the wall, because I didn’t have much of a choice. Also because this is a good spot for my meditation table to sit.

wifi cords and cables hidden and cleaned up in basket
mess contained!

Then I plugged both boxes into a white extension cord and stuffed that into the box too. I ran the white cord around the trim and into the outlet. I used white so it would blend in better with the white trim.

clean white cords organized against trim
what's your sign baby

Then I used picture frame hangers to pin the extension cord to the trim so it would blend in. These obviously aren’t what they’re made for, and you can buy pins for this specific reason, but it’s what I had on hand so I made it happen!

cords pinned to trim hidden

Looks much better! Blue can meditate in peace! You can barely even see the cord unless you’re looking, and now I’m not worried about kicking over the boxes. Bonus points for freeing up an outlet!

great dane3 dog laying on fur rug in home meditation yoga studio
ok the cord obviously came out of place before I took this but you get my point

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