Mood Board Monday – The Bathroom

Yes, I am aware it’s not Monday, but it’s close enough so we can round up, right? That real life stuff came and smacked me in the face this past couple of weeks but I’m back to post the game plan for my teeny tiny PINK bathroom!

small bathroom pink vintage retro tile walls

If you remember from my first post, this is the area that I wanted to change the look of the most out of the whole house. The pink and black tile makes me feel kinda…. 

And here’s a cute candid my imaginary boyfriend took of me getting ready in the morning, lol he’s such a sneak with the camera.

vintage retro pink tile bathroom vanity

But after being here for a few months the pink is growing on me! The best (worst?) part – the tile is in immaculate condition so I would feel like an asshole getting rid of it. Not a single chip, scratch, nothing! And who doesn’t low key love a nice blush bathroom?

But these FLOORS?? Who’s idea was this? I’d like to have a word with their manager. Not gonna lie they feel really weird and gross under my feet too, like they’re covered in a thin layer of baby powder… it gives me the willies.

orange mosaic tile bathroom floor
vintage black and white hex tile bathroom floor
why couldn't they have just stuck with something like this?? I LOVE THIS

Anywho, since this is where I shit, I’ve spent alot of time looking at it and contemplating my options so here’s what I’m thinking!


I want to do what I can to maintain the vintage theme that I’ve already got. I really like the vibe of this one from Yellow Brick Home, kinda makes me wish my walls were yellow instead of salmon. I love how they managed to keep all the vintage-ness intact but somehow made it feel more modern! I’m also really digging the yellow.

Before I decided the pink isn’t so bad, I was planning on painting the tile white, like this one from DIY Network. I bought the special tile paint and everything! 

But since the tile gets to stay pink (for now) I feel like the room could use some brightening up, so I might go back and paint it white. There I go getting ahead of myself again! Oh well.

I ended up deciding to do an accent wall in the kitchen that is a very similar color to the tile, so maybe it’ll add a warm, feminine touch to the house since the rest of the paint colors I picked out are cool tones. 

sherwin williams romance peach blush pink accent wall
this color will be in the kitchen, kinda ties in with the bathroom right??

The floors though… we have to do something about this. I heard you can actually paint right over the tile floors, which I guess would work similar to painting a garage floor? Not so sure. I love black floors like this, so maybe I can make some magic happen there. I can’t tell y’all how many times I’ve gotten down and rubbed my finger across the bathroom floor because they feel so funky on my feet. Don’t judge me.

Now would you just look at what I found on the back of the door… and it’s not a sticker, that is somehow sealed into the door 🙂

I already added some nice finishing touches in the form of some classy art.

coloring book page as wall art

And got this shower curtain to play off the black trim I’m rocking. Here’s the Amazon link!

black and white floral outline shower curtain

And that’s the plan! Even though there’s really only a couple of small things I want to do, I have a feeling I’m going to drag my feet on these, but I’ll post an update as soon as I’ve got it! 

gif grease pink ladies

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