The Easiest and Cheapest Way to Add Plants to Every Room

Plants are my absolute favorite way to decorate! A bit of greenery makes the space come alive and feel more fresh. But I’m not the best at keeping plants alive, and some of them are so finicky and refuse to grow in certain rooms, like the bathroom or my dark chamber of a bedroom! Finally I’ve cracked the code and found the best option that is beautiful, super affordable, low-maintenance, and lasts a long time!

So here’s my secret to getting your greens in throughout the whole house- eucalyptus branches!

They smell really good, and their oil has alot of uses in medicine. You can make it into a simple syrup for cocktails, put it in your tea, and use it as an essential oil. Since I’m talking about dried branches here, you won’t be able to reap those benefits, but fun facts anyways.

You can get a whole plant, but I hear they require some overbearing care and need full sunlight. See this page for more info on eucalyptus plants, especially if you want to grow your own.

eucalyptus in a vase on diy table

Where to Buy Them

I bought a huge bundle at the local farmer’s market, Eastern Market. It was only $10 for a HUGE bundle, and they’re still going strong after a few months. You can also find them online, but the leaves are a bit fragile so I’d be worried about them cracking during shipping.

Here’s some I found on Amazon that you can also get in different colors:

How to Use Them

All you have to do is trim the branches down to the length you’d like, pop them in a vase with a bit of water, and that’s it! They look really nice in small or large bunches. I think even just a single branch looks really pretty. Basically, you can’t fuck this up.

I put the bigger vases on the coffee table and kitchen table. For the bedroom I just used a couple of branches for a more minimalistic look.

I put this funky curly one on the windowsill in the kitchen.

When I was done with those, I had some smaller branches left over which were so cute, I didn’t want to waste them. I put them in a tiny candle holder and it fit perfectly onto this shelf on my medicine cabinet.

how cute are the baby branches!

Pro-tip: since the dried branches crack really easily, it can be hard to fit them in a vase safely. If you are having this issue, just rip off the bottom few leaves on each branch!

Thanks for reading, and check out my last post here to see my mood board for the house!

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