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Happy Monday friends! Today is Memorial Day, so I want to first say a huge thank you to the brave and selfless soldiers who gave their lives for our country, fighting for the liberties of generations to come after them. They are the reason for our freedom, and their sacrifice is never forgotten.

The weather this weekend is BEAUTIFUL and I plan on spending this time getting as much Vitamin D as I possibly can. My other goal, for this week moving forward, is to spend more time on meditation and yoga! I’ve been dragging my feet on this for a long time, and I’m finally deciding to make it a priority to do every day. That being said, today I’m gonna get into my plans for my studio!

One of my favorite things about having a house is that I can have different areas for different tasks. In my last apartment, I had a bedroom and then our open living room/kitchen space. I never had a good place to lay out my yoga mat and get really into it. So I decided to make one of the spare bedrooms on my main floor into that space! I’ve never felt more self care in my life.

small bedroom with wood floors
small bedroom with wood floors

There’s not much really going on in here to start. Just a classic, tiny, beige room with a small window and a titty light! But the wood floors are great, there’s a big closet, and the back door opens up right into the sunroom!

door opening up into large sunroom three seasons room

My goal for this room is for it to be a zen, calming space that will help me quiet my mind when I want to meditate or do yoga. I definitely want to have a small meditation table with some floor cushions (is anyone else literally unable to meditate cross-legged without crazy back pain?), and space for all the at-home exercise equipment I never use. I’ll get there just give me time.

The cushions above are from Urban Outfitters, therefore way overpriced, but I found some decent ones on Amazon.

I got lucky and found a little cart/table at an auction that will work great as a meditation table. I just took the wheels off it. Also I bet you can’t tell my router and modem are hidden on it.

great dane dog laying on a fur rug in front of meditation space table

My last roommate had a spinning pole that we installed in the living room of our apartment. It took me a while to work up the courage, but when I finally tested it out a little bit I actually loved it! It is super fun, ridiculously hard, and was such a good strength workout, so I decided I wanna get one and do that for strength training instead of lifting weights. I’m removing the whole titty light from the ceiling and putting the pole right there. 

industrial style detroit loft apartment with home strip pole

I love the idea of having large mirrors on the wall like a real studio, but mirrors are stupid expensive, so I’m going to try to find some at an auction or thrift store!

home studio with wall mirrors
home yoga studio with mirror walls

I ended up choosing this really pretty dark forest green color. It’s Olympic Range from Sherwin Williams. I love how dark, natural colors have such a calming and grounding affect, so I figured it would be perfect for the studio. I was a little worried about doing such a dark color in such a small room with one window, but it came out really pretty (besides the part where I dropped the whole gallon of dark green paint). See my post about the other paint colors I chose here!

clean paint trim lines with sherwin williams olympic range

I won’t lie to ya I’m a bit late in posting this, so the sunroom has already pretty much come together! I’m planning on posting an update soon, here’s a sneak peek!

mirror selfie in home studio with dark green walls

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