This is Why I’m Not Allowed to Paint Anymore!

Everything’s fine. I’m fine. I am a real adult and can handle things :’) Except when it comes to actually handling… things…

I’m pretty sure I’m the clumsiest person I know. Not the trip and fall kind of clumsy, but I just… drop… EVERYTHING!! I am notorious in my family for being the one to spill drinks at dinner (sober or not).

So who put me in charge of 5 gallons of paint?? Someone who must love bad decisions, that’s who. Long story short, I fucked up pretty bad. Please laugh at my failures like I am because what else are ya gonna do? Also because it’s hilarious.

white paint spilled inside black car interior, paint spills
goodbye to my chance of ever reselling

Here was my first fuck-up: during the move I spilled WHITE paint all over the BLACK interior of my car. It’s on and inside of the center console, running down the sides and into the back seat. It also completely coated my keys, which included pepper spray and 2 key fobs, all black 🙂 I literally had to clean it with a needle to be able to use the buttons. 

keys after spilling white paint on them
this is a month AFTER scrubbing them for literal hours
white paint spilled in black ford fusion interior
white paint spilled in black ford fusion interior

Nice work Meg. I mean there is just no coming back from this. Not a chance. Who thinks I should spill some black paint on top??

But wait, there’s more! A couple weeks later, I knocked a gallon of dark green paint from my studio off the ladder 🙂 And when I say knocked I actually mean it was on the top shelf of the ladder, in the spot made specifically for paint buckets, when I picked it up and swung it around to a new spot. I completely forgot it was there!

Paint spilled all over Blue’s bed and a brand new rug. Better than the wood floors I guess? But her reaction was so cute! I can’t tell if she’s pissed about it or is trying to help clean up? Either way, adorable. 

See how the rug to the right is folded over? Yeah. Paint sammich.

The worst part is that since I didn’t want to waste that much paint, I literally scraped it off with a spoon to put back in the bucket 🙂 Not my finest moment. Luckily after I replaced the rug and bed cover this one left no trace.

Also PSA: I’m hiring a paint handler going forward. I’m over it. Responsibilities include following me around with a paint bucket and not letting me touch it, that’s pretty much all you gotta do.

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